We are happy to agree to embargoes when accepting code and early access to information and assets, but as soon as that material is in the public domain (through official channels, misadventure, or because another site has broken the embargo), we consider the embargo to be void in relation specifically to the published material.

DroidGamers statistics:

  • Over 400,000 page views per month from an audience of 250,000 readers
  • 20K+ Twitter followers and 6K+ Facebook likes
  • Covering Android gaming, apps & related hardware
  • One of the first Android gaming sites, established in 2009
  • Majority of our readers are US based

Our promotional options:

  • Advertorial content such as articles and features
  • Mobile & desktop adverts
  • Competitions (either through our site, multiple sites and/or social media channels)
  • In-app adverts

Next Steps:

What we (ideally) need from you:

  • What you’re looking to spend (in USD)
  • Approximate dates of when you’d like a campaign to start/end (not essential, but does help us to double check availability!)
  • Any details about your app or game (possibly a press release, link to trailer, etc)
  • What you’re looking to do. This might be having a story on the site, advertising with banners/takeover or something else.

If you can’t provide all that information yet, don’t worry! We’re happy to offer ideas on what a suitable budget would be and what you can potentially achieve.

We reserve the right to publish reviews as soon as the games in question are available, on the grounds that if a member of the public can render an opinion it makes no sense for a website whose function is criticism not to exercise the same freedom.

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