5 Android Story Games you should Have This Week


It’s Monday– an opportunity to ponder every one of the things you neglected to accomplish this week. For example, perusing these five stories on Droid Gamers.

On the off chance that you’d perused them you’d think about marvelous updates, impressive deals, shining application discharges, and brain boggling amusements that are coming soon and not all that soon.

Luckily, in light of the fact that we’re liberal individuals, we gathered together the most imperative news stories beneath. We haven’t tried including stories about the new diversions that have turned out, in light of the fact that you can read about the best new Android recreations of the week here.

Blizzard has released a Battle.net app

Fans of Blizzard games will already be aware of Battle.net, the corporate umbrella under which the various Blizzard IPs shelter.

Well, there’s now a Battle.net app. It lets you coordinate with your Blizzard gaming buddies via chat and friends, giving you yet another medium through which to troll loved ones and strangers alike.

Super Mario Run got an update and a temporary price cut

On Monday we wrote that an update was coming to Super Mario Run, and it was going on sale, and lo it came to pass.

The update adds a new mode, called Remix 10, where you play segments of ten different stages on shuffle. There’s also a new Princess Peach character to unlock. She can do a double jump.

It’s a massive update with more in it that we have space to cover here. Also the IAP to unlock the full game is currently half-price. Go go go.

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VGB GameBoy Emulator is on sale

We opened our story about this in the week with a tongue-in-cheek assertion that Android is better than iOS, and somebody wrote a long comment explaining why we were wrong. Some things never change.

Anyway, VGB GameBoy Emulator is currently half-price. This comprehensive app lets you play GameBoy Classic, Color, and Super games, cast to your TV, use a range of Bluetooth controllers, and much more.

The only thing it doesn’t come with is games, which for legal reasons you’ll have to (easily) find on your own.

ArchAge Begins is coming in October, pre-registration open

If you haven’t heard of ArchAge, it’s an MMORPG that’s big in Korea. It lets you live a virtual life that contains fishing, home-making, travel, and fighting.

This forthcoming mobile spinoff simplifies the fighting with a new flip-card system, but otherwise it retains much of the original game’s content, including 30 different heroes and Guild Battles. You can pre-register now.

Doctor Who: Infinity is coming next year

doctor who infinity

Tiny Rebel Games, who developed Doctor Who: Legacy, has revealed that it’s working on a follow-up called Doctor Who: Infinity.

The new game will have the same match-three gameplay, but with a lot of new stuff thrown in too. It’ll have a comic book style, and several prominent writers of the TV show are involved. Apparently it’ll be a “new platform for delivery of stories.”

But still a game.

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