Bandai Namco Mobile Apps pirate RPG One Piece Thousand Storm Huge update and giveaway

Bandai Namco pirate RPG One Piece

One Piece Thousand Storm, the well known allowed to-play privateer RPG from Namco Bandai, has quite recently been showered with a tremendous substance refresh.

The refresh brings another Quick move, which gives you a chance to flick the screen to rapidly move off the beaten path of assaults. Not that a genuine privateer ever needs to evade.

There’s likewise another embellishments capacity, giving you a chance to press and hold the screen amid scraps to release an exceptional move particular to the character you’re utilizing. Each character has its own particular embellishment.

Another mission log enables you to access past characters, and the interface has been streamlined so you can without much of a stretch slide characters into journeys and so on.

There’s more, similar to the Community Lobbies, yet we’re coming up short on space so we’ll abandon you to look at the lay for yourself on One Piece Thousand Storm’s Google Play page.

To commend the refresh, Bandai Namco is giving without end “incorporate 400 Ace character awards, 5-star scene cards with extraordinary moves, and other supportive blessing things”.

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