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clash of clan

Recently, the builder departed in Clash of Clans and we never thought we’d see him again. It turns out he was only making the short journey over to Facebook, where he’s reborn as a camera effect.

Now when you fire up the Facebook camera, you have two new options. Using the selfie cam, you can turn yourself into the builder, which is absolutely as creepy as it sounds.

The Clash of Clans builder has returned as an AR camera effect

Or, point the camera away, and you can take a snap or video of the builder doing what he does best – hammering away on his hammer.

Sure, it’s nothing major, but it’s a nice bit of fun to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Clash of Clans. We’re all for mobile games invading the real world. Let’s have more of that.

You can check out the camera effect yourself here, or shoot on over to Google Play to dig back into Clash of Clans. You know you want to.

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